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Added: Apr 7th, 2017
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Our Rating:
Last Paid:Jan-10,2018


Min Deposit: 8
Max Deposit: 100000
Referral: 3%~10%
Withdrawal: Instant

PerfectMoney payeer Bitcoin
Investment: $100.00 Payout: 21% User Rating: 10.0 (11 votes) Listed: 442 days

 Program Description 
Its easy way to increase your profit hourly,you can earn up to 15% per hour also investment as low as $8.we offer 3%~10% commission for every deposit.It's time to change your life,it's choice to start to earn money from next hour. How it works Sign up Hour888 is a new bitcoin-based foreign exchange trading company, legally registered in terms of British law. The company has already gained 12 year forex investing experience. Employing long-term or short-term investment strategy or technical analysis, the foreign exchange trading team of the company can always help customers to trade in a safest way and with maximum return. Whether you want to make stable profits or higher, we can customize a set of safe trading mechanism to meet your demand for profits. Hour888 Model can help inexperienced customers make more profits, because we divide the profit by the hour, so you can attain the corresponding investment earnings per hour according to your plan without any risk of your trading decision; what you have to do is only to choose one of the 6 different plans, and you can also deposit multi investment based on the same plan. - See more at: http://www.hyip.biz/details/hour888.com#sthash.kP5fsBTZ.dpuf

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